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Richgames96 has been the latest hit in town since 2016 as its frequency of being downloaded has been hitting the new high of two hundred thousand times per hour according to unofficial report of its apk files being downloaded and installed. With the extremely high amount of new members joining rich96 and also the previous member that had been highly active in the games provided.


The reason why this particular mobile game can be obviously outstanding compared to any others could most probably be because of the games offered. The games provided by rich group are those hot and popular entertainment that had been voted by a group of active members that they involved in with the most. With all the popular games being packaged nicely and convenient for members to access with a simple touch on their phone screen.


Althought the game itself has not yet starting to provide live casino games by live dealer, this had not been a problem for it as its target audience were correctly targetted for slot fans and also a small group of members who are actually looking for small budget entertainment than to actual betting. Successfully capturing the heart and providing the actual wants of customers with this b2c method, it had been a really marvellous achievement causing a tremendous impact in mobile slots industry and also a threatening competitor for other slots providers.

We are giving Welcome Bonus 30% for the new player.

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After Installation , you can login with our demo account to take a look. :)

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